What is evergreen content?

It’s something that will, theoretically, sell forever. As in the demand for that product is always going to be there. This usually this falls into three categories:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

The problem with modern publication is that these three topics have been discussed at length amongst millions of people. Everyone wants to get ripped, get rich, and get laid. Nothing new there. And with the internet, the barrier to entry is, quite literally zero.

Sure, you need web hosting (less than $50 a year) and a domain, but what other business can you start for less than $5 a month? The answer is not many.

With that being said, most people in the world think they’re very, very smart. Most of them aren’t. It’s why you end up with all of these blogs telling people how to be happy with life even though they’re homeless and broke. It’s easy to write random thoughts onto a blog and pass them off ass advice.

“Everything You See On The Internet Is Real!”

What is Evergreen Content

What is evergreen content? It should be infinite income…

Except now, there’s so many people spewing advice that nobody believes anything. The only way to have a truly successful commercialized blog is to put your face out there. And no one wants to do that.

Oh, and a lot of time.

But everyone can write about those big 3 topics: health, wealth, relationships. This is because everyone has experience in these aspects of life. Even if they’re not successful…

So what happens when the supply (content on the big 3 in this case) exceeds demand (a desire to learn these things)? Well, the publishers don’t make any money. It’s why so many blogs go to the Blog Graveyard to die a slow and pain death of wilting away into the depths of the internet.

PSP Glossary, Blog Graveyard: When blogs go out of business, even though it wasn’t really a business to get with. Most bloggers never even come close. They shut it down after five bad, low-quality posts that provide no value to a reader. Then they whine that making money online is hard.

You see, digital products on the Internet are usually information. People are selling how to get in shape, not the equipment to do so.

PSP Reality Check: Physical products are easier to sell.

What’s The Next Evergreen Content?

Unless you’re really prepared to try to make money from blogging, start smaller. Selling doesn’t have to be difficult. But selling your own product when you have no audience IS.

Simply put, while there are new markets emerging in the digital space, many are already completely oversaturated. Unless you’ve got a real unique twist on health, wealth, or relationships, and a lot of patience (and money potentially)…you’ve been warned.

Some examples of this simply go more in-depth regarding the big. Crossfit is a perfect example of this, and look at the success they’ve had.

It’s easy to give up on making money online, but it’s not that hard. Just don’t try to scale Everest if you can’t even sprint up the hill to your house.


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