New eBook Coming, Process Log

So I’m about to push an old niche site blog, which I let die, into an eBook format. I’ll chuck it up on Amazon for $0.99 cents for a week or so and then raise the price to a whopping $2.99.

As of now the book has about 7,500 words and it’s pretty scattered around.

I’ll be using Pages for this formatting process, as described in my post about the best programs for eBook formatting.

Is 7,500 words enough? Borderline.

From my estimates that will come out to barely 35 pages. It would be good to get it up to about 50 pages so it’ll take people at least an hour to get through. Keep in mind I’m not exactly trying to pen a best seller here, just a passive income stream (much like blogging) that can make me maybe $50 a month.

Business is about diversifying, and if you have the content (and it’s a dead project), you might as well repackage it.

That’s it for today’s quick note. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.



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