How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

The question every independent writer wants to know—how much money can you make blogging?

Yeah, good luck getting a straight answer out of…well, anybody. It’s a fair question. Who wouldn’t want to blog for a living? It’s completely location independent, pays well (if you can break in), and it’s simply fun. I’d know, as I’ve been blogging consistently and making money for over three years now.

It’s one of those things that people simply don’t want to discuss. Asking someone who makes money from blogging how much money can you make blogging is like walking up to your boss in the office and asking what his salary is.

It’s not as inappropriate, but the concept does apply.

Now, there is a caveat. In the event that those bloggers are giving advice about making money from a blog—yeah, they should disclose some information. Same applies to finance bloggers.

But if it’s a random travel blogger? He or she isn’t under any obligation to disclose their true earnings. A dating blogger? Nope.

As long as a person is not discussing how to make money on their blog, they have no reason to disclose the actual earnings.

And really, why would they?

If it doesn’t affect their authenticity or message, there’s no reason to give the secrets out. You don’t see Wall Street professionals sharing all of their secrets to the general public, do you?

(Well, at least not until they get busted for fraud and it all leaks out. But that’s neither here nor there.)

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging—Let’s Shoot Straight

You can make money blogging, but it doesn’t come easy. This is especially true if you want to break into the topics that everybody else wants to write about.

What are those topics?

  • Travel
  • Dating
  • Fitness
  • Money
  • Just about any hobby (think makeup, fashion, cars, etc.)

You see, everybody wants to write about traveling the world or getting into good shape. Everybody wants to share their stories with the rest of the world. It feels good. The internet has made it incredibly easy for everyone to share their story. It’s both a curse and a blessing.

It’s a blessing because anything is possible. It’s a curse because the barrier to entry is absolutely zero. Anyone can register a free WordPress.com blog and start writing about whatever they please.

Even a website that’s relatively basic such as this one at least has some barrier to entry. So if you’re willing to shell out for ap ro design, you might be able to make money from a blog. If you can’t afford your own domain, host, and design—guess what, you’re out of the game before you even got it. Didn’t even make it to the on-deck circle.

Uninteresting Stuff Sells

Think about it—everybody is writing about the “good” topics.

So that ultimately means that nobody wants to write about boring stuff. However, there’s a market for it. Let me give you an example.

Right now, on my keyword research tool, I just ran a search for a couple of terms. Let’s start off with an “exciting” keyword that someone who wanted to write a travel blog.

This term is: “best caribbean island”.

My keyword tool (I use SEMrush), tells me that 5,400 people search for that term every month. In addition, it’s got a keyword difficulty of 85%. That’s pretty high (it caps out at 100%).

For the record, “pirates of the caribbean” has a 95+% competition difficulty.

Now, let’s take a keyword that’s far less interesting than Caribbean islands…

You’re going to laugh at this one, but here it is:

“how to get dog poop stains out of carpet”

880 people search this every month and the keyword difficulty is, get this, 8%. That’s significantly easier to rank for because nobody wants to write about it!

(For the record, it’s fairly easy to rank on the first page of Google for anything less than 75%—even if your site is brand new. The key is writing quality content).

Now, The Sell

Realistically, we now know that “how to get dog poop stains out of carpet” is a keyword that a fair amount of people are searching for. The other thing we know is that these people are searching for a solution to their problem. They’re likely to be in a buying mood.

If you had a dog poop staining removal business, or had an affiliate product to promote, you’d be in business with this keyword.

In regards to our Caribbean island keyword, it’s likely that many people searching for that are just window shopping. They aren’t looking to book a Caribbean cruise that instant. Whereas someone searching about how to get crap out of their carpet is probably in the mood to buy right now. Before their carpet is permanently ruined.


So really, how much money can you make from blogging? The top guys in the industries are making hundreds of thousands of dollars—some of them even more. Even though I’m a reasonably successful blogger myself, I’m not at that level.

How much can YOU make while targeting an already oversaturated industry?

That depends solely on how hard you’re willing to work.

Most people can’t stick to it. They see a big fat zero next to their traffic numbers and give up. It’s a shame, because often times it’s right before they get the break they need.

Its reasonable to make money blogging in fields that don’t have as much sex appeal. Most people wouldn’t call this blogging, but rather copywriting.

There is money to be made in this. There’s always products to review, affiliate programs to join, and the audience you’re seeking to find is looking to buy. It’s just a matter of making the connection. They want your review and expertise. You want their audience. You just have to be willing to put in the work to create that content.

And writing about dog poop is nowhere near as exciting as exotic islands.

Making money from a blog is always going to be what you make of it. However, you’ve got a better chance of making said money if you pick a niche that has everyday products people want to buy. It’s not the “dream” most people think of.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to consider that blogging.

Let me know what you think in the comments below,


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Ayesha Zaheer - January 9, 2017

Hey, I’ve recently started blogging and it’s no joke. I knew all along money wont come that easy but the amount if time one post takes is a surprise to me. But Im loving every bit of it❤ Btw u still didnt answer how much a blogger can make😄
Do look at my website and let me know if u have any pointers😊

    Mr. PSP
    Mr. PSP - January 9, 2017

    I would say 95% of people never make a single penny.

    3% maybe make $1,000 a month.

    1% make above $2-3k

    The last 1% clears $100,000.

      Ayesha - January 9, 2017

      Why did I instinctly felt like I would be one of the 95% 😅 And thanks for the pointers will work on them! Thank u. Do u think I should get rid of the hashtags though? Ive heard it makes it more easy for people to find ur posts but they also do look untidy to me? Wotchu say??

        Mr. PSP
        Mr. PSP - January 9, 2017

        It might even be higher than 95%, if it makes you feel better!

        Yes, I would. It’s just a post tag which stores metadata behind the post itself (i.e. tagging it so Google can see it). It doesn’t provide any value to a reader to see it (and they’re more important than Google anyway).

        Mr. PSP
        Mr. PSP - January 9, 2017

        Also, how did you find this site?

        Always good to know as it’s just getting off the ground. Thanks!

    Mr. PSP
    Mr. PSP - January 9, 2017

    Your blog looks good. The top image logo needs to go, it’s impossible to read. The in-post images are good.

    I only looked at your first one.

    1.) Add affiliate links if they’re not in
    2.) At the bottom of your post it’s a mess. You’ve got other posts, then the meta tags, the other posts again. It’s a jumbled mess of text.

    Same with the homepage. Get rid of all the text, add images. Make it clean and crisp for people.

    Good luck!



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