The Best Programs for eBook Formatting

eBook formatting is a gigantic and sharp thorn in the side of any first-time publisher.

It’s absolute misery if you don’t know what you’re doing. You think eBook formatting should be incredibly simple to do. After all, it’s probably just a Microsoft Word document—and you’ve used MS Word since you were 7 years old.

Piece of cake, right?


I’ll wait.

Come back and read the rest of this when you’re pulling your hair out.

Back now? Wonderful.

Assuming you haven’t completely given up on eBook formatting yourself, I’m now here to make your life just a tad easier with some recommendations.

A Few Notes on eBook Formatting

  • Forget everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. eBook formatting is NOT the same as a normal document. It’s not a physical book where the text fits on the page on the same way. It’s completely dynamic. Why, you ask…
  • …because every device out there is different. There are truly a thousand different ways you can read an eBook these days. And every one of them has a different resolution, rotates a different way, and has different fonts. It’s kind of a mess.
  • White space = bad. Very bad.

eBook Formatting: What Are YOUR Options?

1. Pay Someone…

Kind of a cop-out, I know.

However, my business goes far beyond just writing words. I do a lot. I don’t always want to do the grunt work, such as eBook formatting. When I’m simply too pressed for time, I outsource it.

I recognize that first-time authors may not have the budget to pull this off, however, if you do it’s a viable option. You can find incredibly reasonable prices to format your eBook on places like Fiverr (link). For less than $50, all the hassle of doing it yourself is removed.

2. Pages

Pages (link) is a shockingly good for a program that comes standard with a computer.

Apple has done a brilliant job with providing a good eBook template that will get the job done in 99% of cases. Just load the template, drop your content in, and play around. It’s intuitive enough (like almost anything Apple) that a monkey could figure it out.

3. Scrivener

Scrivener is a top-shelf product with so many options. While it’s got a bit of an upfront cost (less than a nice meal out), it’ll pay you back a thousand times over. Time is money when you’re an author.

Would you rather spend $50 and save dozens of hours over the course of time you use Scrivener?

Or give up 20 hours just trying to format this one silly eBook. Make the wise business decision in this case. If Pages isn’t cutting it, you’re fed up with Word, and just need to get it done—buckle down. Write the cost of Scrivener off on your taxes and let all the headaches just fall away.

Best of all, you can use it across multiple computers in the household. So if you decide to use it for your own self publishing needs, but want to install it on your kid’s computers for school, you’re free to do so. It’s incredibly generous of them to do so.

So take the misery out of eBook formatting. Click below to learn more.



Scrivener for Windows | Scrivener for OSX


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