Current Event Books Are Doomed

A lot of people wrote books around the 2016 United States presidential election. Now, knowing what I just posted on Wednesday about what is evergreen content—how do you think those books did?

We’re a month past the election now, and many books were released around the time of the vote, or just before.

How do you think those books did?

In most cases, it seems those books did well—for a month. Then they tailed off. Drastically.

So there is absolutely a lesson to be learned in this. If you write a book (and books should generally be set to stand the test of time), don’t write about current events. If your goal is to just get your work out there, and make a quick buck—sure, go ahead.

But don’t expect your writing talent alone regarding a singular event to withstand the test of time.

That’s just not how life works.

Mr. PSP a best-selling self published author, professional blogger, and full-time traveler. He spends roughly ten months a year in various foreign countries, working as a digital nomad. His goal with is to provide insight into the world of self-publishing; from books to blogs and everything in between.

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