About PSP

I’m a 25-year-old self published author, professional blogger, and full-time traveler. Here on this site, you can just call me Mr. PSP 🙂

I used to have a boring office job, but through self publishing and writing have been able to support myself. I have no plans or desire to return to my old life, and it’s all possible because of the world of self publishing and the internet.

My various blogs and books have gained a lot of traction.

I’ve been featured in major publications and interviewed on the news in Europe (I originally hail from the West Coast, USA) and I’m here at now at Pro Self Publish to give you the resources to do the same.

This is a project that is coming from “Ground Zero”, so to speak.

Being able to leverage my existing audience (which is into the millions) is cheating. Of course I can put out a new book and have it sell. That doesn’t do aspiring authors any good. My goal is to build this from the bottom and see what can happen.

PSP is my new baby to encourage each and every writer out there to share their work. Even if your only writing is scrawled on a napkin, there’s something here for you. I hope that PSP will influence it’s audience to put their work out there in the world.

I’m also thrilled to get rid of the frills. My other sites use fancy plugins, tracking codes, and complex SEO tools.

Pro Self Publish is going back to basics.

Truly wonderful things can (and will) happen if you put your work out there on display for the world to see. But it takes a lot of guts, blood, and pain to make it. Now it’s time to showcase the how.

Thanks for being along for the ride.